Bill Weber


Interior & Exterior Murals

I am an established Bay Area muralist and painter and have been creating murals nationwide since 1974. I am quite versatile, my style ranging from surreal to Trompe l’Oeil, whimsical to realistic and can be adapted to any project requirements. My personal surrealist work (available to view at, as well as my mural projects, reflects my ability to produce innovative and unique imagery and concepts.

My work has appeared in many publications, including books (including “Painted Ladies Revisited,” “San Francisco in Photographs,” “Grand Entrances”), magazine and newspaper articles, and has also been featured on television news. My experience is wide, ranging from large public pieces, such as the “Jazz” Mural in North Beach, San Francisco, to smaller pieces in museums (such as the Maxfield Parrish Museum in Vermont), businesses and private homes.


Automotive Art

My automotive collection ranges from oil on canvas to interior and exterior murals.

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Architectural Design

My architectural designs range from celebrity movie studios to skyscrapers to municipal city transportation plans.

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